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Quality Roofing Contractors Industrial Roofing has been in business since 2002. We have worked on both large and small jobs, ranging from large industrial hospital roof replacements to small residential roof repairs. Quality Roofing Contractors in Tirchy, Roofing Contractors in Tirchy, Best Roofing Contractors in Tirchy, Commercial Roofing in Tirchy, Industrial Roofing Contractors in Tirchy, Ware House Roofing Contractors in Tirchy, Residential Roofing Contractors in Tirchy, Parking Shed Contractors in Tirchy, Parking Shed in Tirchy, Badminton Court Contractors in Tirchy, Shuttle Court Roofing Contractors in Tirchy, Polycorbonate Roofing Contractors in Tirchy, Factory Shed Roofing Contractors in Tirchy, Godown Sheds Contractors in Tirchy, Terrace Sheds Contractors in Tirchy, Pyramid Roofing Contractors in Tirchy, Indoor Stadium Roofing Contractors in Tirchy, Arch Type Roofing Shed Contractors in Tirchy, Metal Roofing Sheds Contractors in Tirchy, Canopy Fabrications Roofing Contractors in Tirchy, Auditorium Roofing Contractors in Tirchy

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Terrace Roofing Contractor
We are the one of the Roofing Contractors in Chennai, and we also doing Residential Roofing , Terrace Roofing Contractors in Chennai Tamil Nadu
Terrace Roofing Contractor We are the one of the Roofing Contractors in Chennai, and we also doing Residential Roofing , Terrace Roofing Contractors in Chennai Tamil Nadu
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Self Tapping Screws
Self Tapping Screws INR 0 INR 0 Self tapping screws are coated with unique anti-corrosion coating consisting of 3 distinct layers which combine to give exceptional Corrosion protection. A mechanically deposited Zinc-Tin coating giving excellent galvanic protection. A chromate coating to passivate Zinc - Tin alloy coating further inhibiting coating loss and prevent weathering effect. A special polyester coating (3 layers) to provide good all - round corrosion and long term weathering resistance. True 1477562817
Pre Painted GI & GL Sheets
Pre Painted GI & GL Sheets INR 0 INR 0 We are among the most sought after manufacturers and suppliers of PPGI & PPGL, which is manufactured in compliance with international standards. Owing to their high corrosion resistance, these are extensively used for a wide range of construction activities, particularly roofing and walling. These are mostly used for building material as these amalgamate the strength of steel with the excellent corrosion protection of zinc or zinc / aluminium alloy coatings and can be punched, pressed, roll-formed and joined into a number of structural and decorative building products. Our Products are reckoned for their remarkable features like: It provides a roofing system when used in combination with appropriate insulation systems Excellent thermal properties to maintain balance between changing weather Immaculate design and secure fastening system ensure the security and weather tight performance of roofing during extreme weather conditions Fire resistant Material Specifications: Pre-Painted Galvanized Steel Sheets (PPGI) Zinc Coating Z120, Z180, Z275 Paint Coating RMP/SMP Painting Thickness (top) 18-20 microns Painting Thickness (bottom) 5-7 microns Alkyd baked coat Surface Paint Reflection Glossy finish (Optional-Matt finish) Other: Pre-Painted Galvalume Steel Sheets (PPGL) (Alu-Zinc alloy coated) Zinc Coating AZ150 Paint Coating Regular Modified Polyesyter(RMP) / Silicon Modified Polyesyter(SMP) Painting Thickness (top) 18-20 microns Painting Thickness (bottom) 5-7 microns Alkyd baked coat Surface Paint Reflection Glossy finish (Optional-Matt finish) AVAILABLE THICKNESS: 0.35MM, 0.4MM, 0.45MM & 0.47MM True 1477562851
Pre Engineered Steel Buildings
Pre Engineered Steel Buildings INR 0 INR 0 Quality Roofing offers QUALITY PRE ENGINEERED STEEL BUILDINGS for industrial, commercial requirements. Pre Engineered Buildings are the state of the art steel solution for developing an efficient and cost effective infrastructure. Pre Engineered Buildings are manufactured and erected in accordance with all the Indian and international standards and codes such as IS800 (draft), International Building Code, Metal Building Manufacturers Association, Inc manual (MBMA), American Institute of Steel Construction, Inc. (AISC), American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI), American Welding Society (AWS D.1.1.04). Pre Engineered Building is a steel structure, built over structural concept of primary member. Secondary member and the cover sheeting are connected to each other. Pre Engineered Buildings can be fitted with different structural additions like Trusses, Mezzanine floors, Fascias, Canopies and Crane systems as per clients’ requirements and accessories like turbo ventilators, ridge ventilators, louvers, sky light sheets..etc. Pre Engineered Buildings are site bolted, it is relatively easy and economical to dismantle our buildings and re-erect, re-locate them in another location. To suit customer’s unique requirements these Pre Engineered Buildings are offered in various types such as Single slope type (lean type) Double slope type (A type) Arch type Double slope with monitor The Wide Applications Of Pebs Though Not Limited To, Can Be Enumerated As Under: Power House Buildings Warehouse Buildings Industrial Buildings High Rise Buildings Cold Storages and Cold Rooms Aircraft-Hangars Commercial Complexes, Malls & Showrooms Gymnasiums and Sports Halls, Indoor stadiums Institutional Buildings, School Buildings, Laboratories,Work shops. Steel Plants and Auxiliary Buildings Petrol Bunks and many more Features: PEBs offer ultimate design with flexible and extremely short construction time Low initial cost Economical Superior product quality matching with International Standards Aesthetically appealing Flexibility in expansion Maintenance free Clear spans up to 80 M True 1477562900
Thermal Insulation Material
Thermal Insulation Material INR 0 INR 0 Polynum are fiber-free and manufactured of pure aluminum foil bonded to polyethylene bubble sheeting. Polynum unique design outperforms all mineral-based insulation materials, reflecting 97 percent of radiated heat and saving heating costs in winter and cooling costs in summer. The easy-to-install and maintenance-free Polynum product line comprises Polynum One, Polynum Super, Polynum Big, Polynum Double, Polynum Ultra and Polynum Sound. Key Benefits: Advanced thermal performance: delivers the highest recorded R Value per given thickness Reduces energy costs for heating and cooling by up to 55% Reduces up to 12°C in Summer Maintains up to 8°C warmer in Winter True 1477563020
Glass Wool
Glass Wool INR 0 INR 0 Glass wool is a thermal insulation that consists of intertwined and flexible glass fibres, which causes it to "package" air, resulting in a low density that can be varied through compression and binder content. It can be a loose fill material, blown into attics, or, together with an active binder sprayed on the underside of structures, sheets and panels that can be used to insulate flat surfaces such as cavity wall insulation, ceiling tiles, curtain wall as well as ducting. It is also used to insulate piping and for soundproofing. True 1477563053
Conventional Steel Building
Conventional Steel Building INR 0 INR 0 Quality Roofing offer QUALITY CONVENTIONAL STEEL BUILDING for industrial, commercial and residential building in chennai, Tamilnadu. These structures can be fabricated with, or combination M.S. tubes, pipes, standard angles, beams, joists etc., To suit customer’s unique requirements these structures are offered in various types such as Single slope type (lean type) Double slope type (A type) Arch type Lean to arch type Pyramid type Dome type APPLICATIONS: Industrial Sheds Go down Sheds Pathway Sheds Ware Houses Barricades Sky Light Coverage's Terrace Sheds Roof Garden Sheds Roof Extensions Canopies Atriums Auditoriums Fancy - Pyramid / Arch / Lean to Arch Sheds Vehicle Parking's Dining Islands for Resorts & Restaurants "We excel in polycarbonate structures and polycarbonate roofing." Roofing Contractors in Chennai True 1477563138
Turbo Roof Ventilators
Turbo Roof Ventilators INR 0 INR 0 RESIDENTIAL APPLICATION HEALTHY LIVING Wind Turbo ventilator is a free spinning roof ventilator that provides fresh air and reduce humidity in your roof space and living area all year round 24 hours a day with NIL recurring cost. NO COST OPERATION Wind Turbo ventilator is a self contained, wind powered ventilating system that consumes no electricity or wiring expenses incurred. A slight wind movement is sufficient to spin the rotary turbines. REDUCED POWER COSTS Wind Turbo ventilator offer proper ventilation to the working and living environment to make them not be so hot or humid or damp. This consequently reduces the power consumption of air-conditioners and fans. INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY Wind Turbo Ventilators promotes a healthier and more comfortable working environment through proper ventilation REMOVE ODOUR AND SMOKE Wind Turbo Ventilators remove Industrial fumes, kitchen fumes, cigarette, smoke, insect repellent etc. REDUCE MAINTENANCE COSTS Arven Ventilators continues to exhaust damp air where in the atmosphere is kept damp free to help the paintings, metal fittings and Electrical cables remain in good conditions for a long period. APPLICATIONS Factories Small Scale Industries Features: Wind Ventilators are manufactured in high grade aluminium including the rivets and therefore fully free of atmospheric corrosion Wind Ventilators are light in weight and low operational at very light wind speeds No power is involved for its operations as its rotation is controlled by natural wind movement / hot air draft. Therefore there is no recurring expenditure on power at all. Well profiled & rolled strong blades to enhance good aerodynamic performance. No accidental hazards like fire due to short circuits, electric shocks Assured ventilation for 24 hour / 365 days The vane design and the centrifugal action prevents rain water from entering into ventilator The atmospheric temperature gets reduced by 3° c @ 4 km/hr wind speed Specially designed adjustable elbows for fitment on all roof slopes Designed to be fitted easily on asbestos, galvanized, iron, aluminium and rill roofings True 1477563175
Polycarbonate Solid Sheets
Polycarbonate Solid Sheets INR 0 INR 0 We offer a diverse range of Polycarbonate UV Coated Sheets, which is ideal for non corrosive industrial structural roofing and siding. These are widely appreciated for their high impact strength, strong physical properties, excellent insulation and vast service temperature range. Our sheets are widely used for various purposes like roofing, cladding and glazing. Features: Our Range finds Application in the Following Areas Features and Benefits Greenhouses High fire performance rating Displays and signboards Weather and UV resistant benefits Conservatories Superb thermal insulation - energy saving Skylights and covered walkways Lightweight and impact resistance Swimming pools Blocks virtually all UV radiation Industrial roofing and glazing High light transmission Do-it-Yourself (DIY) Easy to handle and install Mainly used for sky light purpose Specification: Standard Thickness 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm and 3mm Standard Width 1.22m Standard Length 30.5m Standard Colors Clear, Bronze, Blue, Green & White True 1477562945
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